Gateway (GW08)

Gateway (GW08) is a device that transmits WiFi signals to the Gateway (RP01 & RP02). Connects to the current measuring device (CM&FM) to send signals via the internet to display via the website or mobile phone by presenting. Information on electricity usage immediately 24 hours

- One Micro USB 5V Power input
- One Power LED
- One Sub-IG Status LED
- One WIFI Status LED
- Sub-IG at 915-MHz ISM System with 2Km of communication distance
- Wifi at 2.4G band
- Dimension (L x w x H) : 75.3mm x 59mm x 12mm
The behavior of the device

Used to send and receive data to the Web Service system. The range of wifi communication is not more than 100 meters and transmits Bluetooth signals with Clamp Meter 40 meters (in open areas).