Clamp Meter (CM02)

Clamp Meter (CM-02) is a device used to measure electricity. The device will send the current data to the transceiver device immediately. This CM-02 device is suitable for the power cord. THW 1x10 - 1x16 Yachaki with a diameter of 16 mm.

- AC current measurement
- Small, compact, can measure electricity 0.6A-120A (AC) 3%
- Use plastics that are accepted in accordance with UL 94-V0
- Easy to install, wireless
- Bluetooth V 4.1 signal transmission Which supports single-mode BLE solution protocols
- with built-in electrical temperature sensor Communicate with Gateway devices within 40 meters (in open areas)
The behavior of the device

Used to monitor electrical use of electrical appliances. Which can view information on mobile phones through apps and websites.