About Us

Crossinter Co.,Ltd. (บริษัท ครอสอินเตอร์ จำกัด) We are glad to glad to present "Powermeterline"
Many factory and company would like to reduce an electric bill, but they don't know which place they can reduce.
We here offer the easiest way to monior your power consumption "Online!?!" to manage your power consumption. You can just hook our "CM" on the power cord, and then you can see the real time power consumption, downlond historical data, or even setting alert of over power consumption to your "LINE" messenger. You also don't need for any installation.

Our product and solution’s advantage

1. Easy installation, just by hooking on the power wire.

2. Can check the power usage through mobile, tablet and computer.

3. Can check the power usage at real time 24 hours.

4. Can select to check the power usage on any specific period of time.

5. Can check the history of power usage all the time.

6. Can check the power usage by defining the period as every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes, every 30 minutes and every hour.

7. Can setting alert for device on, device off, overcurrent and temperature on power wire.

8. Can download the data of power usage for an analysis on the purpose of power system improvement and cost of power usage’s reduction.

9. Can monitor a graph of power usage separated by equipment, group of equipment or department.

10. We provide a consult and advice for how to use.