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It’s time for you to check your power usage ?

Crossinter Co.,Ltd. (บริษัท ครอสอินเตอร์ จำกัด) We are the Online Power Meter solution provider.
Our Online Power Meter is an innovative solution with a world class integration of hardware and software. Our solution allow any user to check every single power usage at real time through online for 24 hours from both website and mobile phone as well as getting all history record of every single power usage.

Clamp Meter

   Clamp Meter (CM) is our wireless Clamp Meter which can measure A/C current real time and submit the data through Bluetooth into 2 ways;
1) To our Application on your mobile phone.
2) To our website.
Compact size with 4 sizes (CM01,CM02,CM03,CM04)
Accuracy : 0.3A-350A 3% / Max. measure voltage : AC 600V
Operating Temp (degree C) : -20 ~ 50
Bluetooth Version : V4.1(BLE)
Frequency Range : 2.4 GHz
Communication Range : 40 meter (in open areas)



   Gateway (GW) is our Gateway which help to transfer the data from CM to our Cloud Server. lt is stable and easy for installation.
One Micro USB 5V Power input
One Power LED
One WIFI Status LED
802.11 b/g/n Radio, Baseband, Medium Access Control (MAC)
Fast Scan BLE devices up to over 250 devices in short time
Dimension (L x w x H): 75.3mm x 59mm x 12mm


Web Service

   For data storage With the highest stability for users Data will not be lost in any server case, and the system development for users will benefit the most from using electricity. We have updated the information via the Web Browser system to be up-to-date.
Display data via Web Browser on computers and mobile devices
Collect data of every Clamp Meter
Unlimited logins
With a variety of functionality And have updated information regularly
Compatible with all systems with Web Browser and Internet


"The reason that customers choose to use PowerMeterLine"

Advantages of the device


Watch anywhere, anytime Via smartphone

Can see the electricity usage for
both Android and IOS systems
24 hours a day.

Save time and money

From the original equipment
Measure electricity to measure at each point
Forget these steps.

Easy and convenient to install

Easy to install Get all areas Just have internet signal.

Have a warning system
Via the Line application

When there is an overload problem Or the temperature is over Alert you on the phone immediately